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I’m embarrassed about the mess in my home. Should I straighten up beforehand? 

No, in fact, it's the opposite. There is no need to be embarrassed. As a professional organizer, I abide by a code of ethics, and I provide a non-judgmental, objective perspective.  Please do not straighten up so that we see your home as it is.  This allows us to plan a system that is more functional and efficient.  


Do you post photos of my home? 

We take before and after photos for documentation but will never post them without your consent and never use your name. This is a strictly confidential process (as stated in our contract).


​Do I have to be physically present at the initial working session?

The process works best if you are present and involved in the decision making, particularly in the beginning. This is a service customized to fit your lifestyle, so ideally, you will be physically present at the appointment to make sure that arrangements suit your needs, however you do not need to be present throughout the entire process.


My partner/spouse questions why I need an organizer.  What do I say?

It’s typical in a home that one person has more of an attachment to things, a harder time letting them go, or feels more stress about clutter.  Professional organizers have the expertise to keep the process moving forward and manage the project to completion. By hiring a professional organizer, you’ll finally get an organized space, save time, money, and stress. 


I have strong attachments to some items.  Will you make me get rid of them?

We completely understand and are there to help you make decisions about eliminating some of your possessions. This process can be like going down memory lane. While we encourage you to discard what you do not need or use anymore, the ultimate decision is yours.  If you are downsizing, we discuss the space you will be moving into and take that into consideration as we continue the process with gentle guidance.  


Can you do my entire house or one room if needed?

Of course, it’s your choice! My team and I can do whatever you need, whether it’s an entire house, one room, or a specific space.  


I have several rooms that need organizing but my budget is limited. Can I start with one room? Absolutely!  Many of our clients start with one room and over the course of a year, their entire home is organized! 


Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Professional organizers typically charge by the hour, as it is difficult to make an exact estimate on your project due to variables such as the speed of the client’s decision making, and the density of the items in a space.  We offer discounts for package-pricing.  Contact us for more details. 

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