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Services & Pricing

Complimentary 30 minute In-Home Consultation


We know getting started is the hardest part and the consultation is the best place to begin! We do a walk-thru of the rooms in your home you would like to declutter and organize.  We assess your wants, needs and goals and what areas you are struggling with the most. We’ll provide recommendations and estimate hours for that space.  The consultation provides clarity for you and gives momentum to begin the organizing process.  The consultation for moving is a similar process. All services include the removal of one carload of donations or scheduling a pickup for larger quantities.

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Home Organizing
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Moving/Downsizing - Packing/Unpacking
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Maintenance Packages available upon request 

Organizing your home can be a daunting task. We declutter and organize any space including pantries, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, playrooms, basements, garages and more.  With your goals in mind, we achieve your desired results by creating systems for order and to maximize every space of your home for better function and efficiency. Having an organized home saves you time, money and stress. Let's chat!

Streamline your move. Moving is physical and emotional, and yes, stressful.  We can either coordinate your entire move or pack it all and unpack and organize your new home so you can enjoy it more quickly. We are a full-service company handling everything from hiring movers, to arranging estate sales and donations.  We can pack/unpack and organize your items in your new home too. Having certified Move Managers on our team allows us to coordinate your entire move. We will gladly travel to your out-of-town locations as well. 

You deserve to live in the home you love. No project is too big or too small. After working with you on any project, we will happily provide maintenance for you to continue to enjoy your home.  


4-Hour minimum @ $300

Discounted packages available.

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Interested in All Things Neat Services? Please fill out this form. 

What Clients Say

"Great Organizer great person!"


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